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PaintOut/Tybee Arts Association Plein Air Painters

LOCATION: The Pavilion at the Pier. The panorama from the pier is so exciting. There is the beach ,dunes, distant houses, and hopefully a lifeguard stand still there to give life to the scene. Catch the morning light as it rises over the dunes.

FYI : For pay to park if you want to car pool, you could leave your car at 7 Cedarwood and arrange to ride to site with friends

         Bring a hat to keep off glare which distorts colors. 
         Reference photos are handy so bring a camera if you want to
         Bring plastic bag for trash and take it when you leave
         If someone wants to buy a painting off your easel at the beach , you must not sell on the beach. Give the buyer your card and do business elsewhere.
         Do not set up on sidewalks
         Do not cause any disruptions in parks for people who are enjoying the park

The paintouts will always be the first and third Wednesdays and second and fourth Saturdays.

Contact:  Patricia Geary at
Tybee Arts Plein Air Painters APAP