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Tybee Arts Association Plein Air Painters (TAPAP)


FYI : Guests are always welcome.

  •          Bring WATER and SUNSCREEN. There is some shade but not everywhere.
  •          Bring a hat to keep off glare which distorts colors. 
  •          Reference photos are handy so bring a camera if you want to
  •          Bring plastic bag for trash and take it when you leave
  •          If someone wants to buy a painting off your easel at the beach , you must not sell on the beach. Give the buyer your card and do business elsewhere.
  •          Do not set up on sidewalks
  •          Do not cause any disruptions in parks for people who are enjoying the park

The PaintOuts will always be the first and third Wednesdays and second and fourth Saturdays.

Contact:  Patricia Geary at
Tybee Arts Plein Air Painters TAPAP