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“Good Help Is Hard to Murder” is a play about a maid who “knows too much” about the family that employs her…or, at least the family thinks that she knows too much about their “shady” past. This laugh-out-loud comedy includes a visit by a local psychic (warning them of impending tragedy), as well as the “Grim Reaper”, a local law
officer, not to mention Aunt Minnie. In the end though, Socrates, the family parrot, spoils the murderer’s plans in an effort to avoid more stale crackers. The watcher is left with the moral, “Don’t mess with a parrot and his food”.

The cast of eight contains some of Tybee Arts’ most popular faces. Few of them are strangers to the Tybee stage, having performed in Jim Ingham Theater productions previously. Working together with the director, Carol Ingham, these actors and actresses have created a funny farce, set in the deep South, somewhere.

Carol Ingham comes back to the Tybee Arts stage, after a short-lived, but well deserved retirement from theater. Her work as a director began with Tybee Arts Performing Society more than 13 years ago. Nine productions later, Carol continues to set a standard for those who direct theater on and around Tybee Island.


 In The Jim Ingham Black Box Theater

#7 Cedarwood Ave., Tybee Arts Center

March 30, 31 April 1, *2


April 6, 7, 8, *9

Curtain @ 7:30pm

*3:00pm Sunday Matinee - 2nd & 9th

Tickets $20

TAA Members $18