You don’t need to know (how to paint)! Just bring a sketchpad and enjoy the process of looking at Tybee in a different way. Draw a tree, draw a cottage, draw anything you want. Or take photos, or watch others do what they do! That’s the joy of Plein Air!”
— Beth Hegeman via Facebook

In March of 2016, a newly formed group under the Tybee Arts Association, planned and scheduled their very first "PaintOut" event.  This is a group of dedicated, fun-loving and enthusiastic artists.  PaintOuts will always be the first and third Wednesday of the month AND the second and fourth Saturday.  Guests are always welcome!


 Site location will be posted on the calendar for each PaintOut.  Location changes from week to week.

important information:

  •          Parking is free when parking at the TAA building. Be prepared to pay for parking elsewhere on the island.
  •          Bring WATER and SUNSCREEN. There is some shade but not everywhere  
  •          Bring a hat to keep off glare which distorts colors. 
  •          Reference photos are handy so bring a camera if you want to
  •          Bring plastic bag for trash and take it when you leave
  •          If someone wants to buy a painting off your easel at the beach, you must not sell on the beach. Give the buyer       your card & do business elsewhere.
  •          Do not set up on sidewalks
  •          Do not cause any disruptions in parks for people who are enjoying the park

Again, the PaintOuts will always be the first and third Wednesdays and second and fourth Saturdays.

Contact:  Patricia Geary at
Tybee Arts Plein Air Painters TAPAP